Make your money work for you, or you will always work for your money.

Smart saving is a tool to earn better returns from the money which is Idle in your saving account. You can earn better return from the saving account fund with a flexibility. There is no fixed time frame for investment as well as no entry/exit load. So, your money will work hard for you :)

Mfundz Select Liquid Funds

We provide you a facility of Spread Order. Learn more about Spread order in Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Fund 1 month return 3 month return 1 year return Invest
RELIANCE LIQUIDITY FUND-GROWTH PLAN-GROWTH OPTION 6.25%(1 month) 6.75%(3 months) 7.50%(1 year)
SBI PREMIER LIQUID FUND 6.25%(1 month) 6.80%(3 months) 7.85%(1 year)
AXIS LIQUID FUND - GROWTH 5.85%(1 month) 6.58%(3 months) 7.20%(1 year)

SPREAD ORDER Is a step ahead facility for convenience in productive saving. Using Spread Order facility, an investor can fix redemption date (a date when you need money back to your saving account) at the time of investing. A safe, simple and convenient way of investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spread Order?

In layman terms, through Spread order you can specify a date when you want money withdrawn from smart saving to your bank account. You can use this option for your convenience without worrying about last minute redeem requests. If you don't know when you will need your money back, you need not to select a Spread order date. In that case, your money will stay invested until you redeem.

Is Smart Saving only for lump-sum investment or SIP also?

Primarily it works for your lump-sum investment because its short term investment and you can redeem any time without any exit load.

Do I get any tax benefits if I invest in Smart saving?

Since its short term investment option, return you earn is taxable as per tax Spread you fall in to.

How safe is Smart saving investment option?

It's one of the safest investment option. Return is also moderate and steady.