• Want to stay away from worries of when to buy and sell in a market?
  • Do you do a timely review and shuffle your investments?
  • Are you happy with your mutual fund returns?

Value Investing can turn each

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In equity market every time we listen about what to buy, but ever listen to any debate about selling?

When, what and how much to sell is a million-dollar question, the answer is value investing.

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Value investment of Mfundz creates maximum wealth with optimum risk.

Simple logic of making money in equity is "sell on high and buy at low". But in general, retail flow in mutual fund picks up when market is high. As we know equity as asset class tends to underperform and outperform over its valuations. It is the best time to sell or book profit when equity valuations are stretched.

On basis of extensive research of 15 years of market trends and data, we have created a matrix of valuations which provides good sense of equity market returns. On higher valuation, returns are going low to negative and vice a versa.

find out How it works
VIP is Mutual Fund Portfolio Management Service offered by Mfundz for those who want to maximize ROI.

To generate more returns, we switch investor's portfolio from equity to debt or from debt to equity when valuations turn attractive. By this exercise, investor does not bear MTM loss when equity market corrects from higher valuations and get decent returns from debt fund.

At Mfundz all switch orders are initiated from our expert team and it goes to investors for authentication, making whole process entirely transparent.

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